What Is The Best Sitting Position For Lower Back Pain

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What Is The Best Sitting Position for Lower Back Pain

What Is The Best Sitting Position For Lower Back PainSitting with poor posture can cause a lot of problems for the spine and back muscles leading to lower back and neck pain.  Sitting correctly can alleviate a lot of these problems and also prevent them from happening in the future.(1.)

We sit in many different types of seats during the average day, including car seats, sofas and office chairs.  They are all shaped differently and all can cause back problems if sat on with poor posture.

In this article I will look at what is the best sitting position for lower back pain for each of these types of chairs.

The Correct Sitting Position To Prevent Back Pain

Most people think they know the correct sitting position and if asked to demonstrate it would probably make a strong reverse C shape with their lower back, straighten up their spine and look very rigid.

The problem with this posture is that the muscles of the back are working in overdrive to stabilize the spine and hold it up so straight.  After a while in this position, the muscles will tire and the spine will sink into a C shape, straining the back again.  Then the person will try to straighten up the spine once more until tired again and this goes on and on for the day.

There is a better way of supporting the spine while sitting, without making the back muscles use so much effort.  Firstly, have a look at this video.

List of things to do :

  • While sitting, move feet a little under the chair and then stand up.
  • Then sit down in the back of the chair placing the fig leaf part of the body into the chair seat
  • Relax, breath out and allow your rig cage to drop
  • Inhale, bring your shoulders back and then allow them to drop as you breath outwards
  • Drop your neck to feel the stretch and then lift it up again until your nose is level with your ears and your ears are above your shoulders
  • Your legs should be relaxed and slightly open, feet pointing a little outwards and under the knees.


Now in this position your back should be relaxed and your spine in the correct alignment.  The beauty of this posture is you will be able to sit in this position for a long time without needing to change position or slouch because of tired lower back muscles.


Best Sitting Position To Relieve An Aching Back At Work

Sitting for hours a day looking at a computer screen or talking on the phone can lead to many bad postural habits which then lead to painful backs and neck problems.  The list above is perfect for preventing these problems, however there are a few other things you can do to make sure you keep the correct posture throughout your working day.  Have a look at this nice little video on what to do and what not to do at your office table.


If you would like some extra support for your lower back then lumbar pillows may be of interest to you.   Also, I find that seat cushions not only help prevent tailbone pain when sitting on hard seats but they also are great for placing your buttocks, and lower back in the correct position to prop your spine up naturally.  If you would like to know more about the benefits of seat cushions then have a look at this article on the best seat cushions for back pain relief.


Best Sitting Posture For Driving With A Sore Back

As we can see in the next video, problems for back pain arise even before getting into the car. Making sure not to bend over when entering the car can help prevent back strain.  Also, having the proper support for both the neck and lower back while driving can make a big difference on whether that long day trip in the car is either relaxing or painful.


If you would like to know more about the lumbar support pillows Dr. Mandell is talking about in the video then have a look at this article on lumbar support pillows.   Also, I have another article on the best seat cushions for car seats to make your driving experience as comfortable as possible.


Best Sitting Position For Relaxing On A Sofa With A Bad Back


As you can see in this video, there really isn’t much you can do to prevent bad posture on a sofa besides relaxing on it and enjoying the comfort.  Sofas were just not designed to provide support and help you sit with proper posture and body alignment.

If you must sit on a sofa then a cushion or a lumbar pillow may help support the spine a little, however, if you are suffering from chronic back pain then a sofa can make matters worse.   If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain then you may be interested in another article on recliners for people with back problems.



As we sit more and more throughout the day, many people are developing back problems due to poor postural habits.  However, changing these bad habits into good habits can make a world of difference when it comes to back pain.  By following these tips in the article you not only can prevent back pain but also make sitting down far more relaxing for your neck and back muscles.