The Best Neck And Shoulder Massagers Reviews On Devices And Machines

The Best Neck And Shoulder Massagers Reviews On Devices And Machines 2016

The Best Neck And Shoulder Massagers Reviews On Devices And Machines 2016Neck and shoulder pain are common conditions affecting  a lot of people these days.  One of the most common causes of neck and shoulder pain is bad posture.  Sitting with poor posture or sleeping with an incorrect pillow can have negative effects on the neck and shoulders over time.

Improving one’s posture and using suitable pillows can help prevent neck and shoulder pain, however, if you are suffering from these aches and pains, a neck massager will definitely help relax and soothe those aching muscles.

There are several types of massaging devices available, for example, regular vibrating massagers that buzz away at your muscles or shiatsu massagers that act like big fingers making making circular motions on your muscles.(1.)

In this article I will review some of the best neck and shoulder massage devices, which hopefully will help you find which massage machine is most suitable for you.


The Best Cordless Neck And Back Massager Machine With Heat

truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager –

Best Cordless Neck And Shoulder Massager Device With HeatThe truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager is a premium machine that can relieve a lot of neck and shoulder aches and pains.

Like many shoulder massagers, the user wraps the device around the neck area and puts their hands into the wrist supports.  The kneading pressure you feel can be adjusted by the pressure your arms apply on the wrist supports.

What’s more, you can also massage the inner area of your shoulder by just by relaxing your grip on the strap and the device will massage between the shoulder blades.  I love the versatility of this massager as it can be used on virtually any part of the body, not just the neck and shoulders.

The massager also has a heat massage option that can be turned on or off on the control panel located on the strap.  One of my favourite features of this machine is the auto-reverse operation.  Basically, every 60 seconds the nodes massage clockwise and anticlockwise like fingers kneading your muscles, relieving tension and pain.  After 1 minute in one direction, the nodes change direction and reverse knead.  However, if you would prefer to have the massage in the same direction continuously, then you can turn off the auto-reverse on the control panel.

Another great feature is that the neck and shoulder massager is cordless, using an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, allowing the user the freedom to walk around with the massager on.  The battery will run for hours, however, when you need to recharge it just plug it in to the A/C adaptor and charger cable.

If you are looking for a shiatsu neck and shoulder massager with a heat feature to soothe neck and shoulder aches and pains then take a look at the truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager.


Pros –

  • Cordless for easy movement
  • Rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery
  • Has heat function
  • Has auto-reverse operation to change massage direction every 60 seconds
  • Can be used on any body part
  • Control massage intensity by applying pressure on the wrist supports
  • Control area of massage by releasing grip on strap

Cons –

  • Heat is not very strong
  • Only a 6-month warranty. However, it can be extended to one year if you register within 10 days


truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager



Best Value Neck And Shoulder Massaging Device For Soothing Muscle Relief

LiBa Shiatsu Neck And Shoulder Massager With Heat –

Best Value Neck And Shoulder Massager Device 2016The LiBa Shiatsu massaging device is very similar to the previous device except it comes in at almost a third of the price.  It works similarly by wrapping around your neck and placing your wrists through the wrist supports.  Also, intensity can be adjusted by how much pressure you put on the wrist supports.

Other similar features are the option of using heat and also the option of the automatic changing of direction of the massage nodes every 60 seconds.  The main difference between this massager and the previous one is that this device needs to be plugged in to operate.  It functions battery free, therefore needs to be near a power source when being operated.  I do like the fact that it not only comes with an AC adaptor but also a car adaptor for massages on a car journey.

This is a great neck and shoulder massager and for a fantastic price.  If a less portable massager doesn’t bother you, then the LiBa Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager with heat would be a great buy for you.

Pros –

  • Great value
  • 4 shiatsu massage nodes
  •  2 direction massage function
  • Optional heat feature
  •  AC adapter and car adapter
  •  15 minute auto shutoff
  • 90 day ‘try it at home’ guarantee
  • 3 year replacement warranty

Cons –

  • Needs to be used near a power source
  • Heat temperature is low


LiBa Shiatsu Neck And Shoulder Massager With Heat



Top Rated Pillow Massage Device To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat –

Best Shiatsu Pillow Massager With Heat For Neck And Shoulder Pain ReliefThe Zyllion shiatsu pillow massager is a nice option to massage neck and shoulders and provide neck and shoulder pain relief.

I really like this product and I think it compares well with the previous reviews.  I love the slimline look of this device as it is only 2″ thick and not bulky like most other massagers.  Like the two previous reviews, its features include a heat option, automatic reverse massaging nodes that change direction every minute and also a 20 minute auto shut off mechanism to prevent over heating (however, you can turn the machine back on straight away).

This pillow massager is great for lying back and relaxing with it under the neck, however, I also like the added feature of an adjustable strap that allows you to secure it to a chair.  Therefore, you can use this massager lying down or whilst sitting.

I believe the Zyllion shiatsu pillow massager is a great option for relieving neck and shoulder aches and pains, especially if you would like to lie back and relax.

Pros –


  • Slimline design (just 2″ thick)
  • 4 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes
  • Has an on/off heating function
  • Automatic reverse kneading nodes
  • Adjustable strap to secure to chair
  • 20 minute auto shut off
  • Good value
  • Best seller

Cons –

  • A common negative of most massagers is the low temperature of heat, however, maybe this is intentional to avoid over heating the device.


Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat



Neck and shoulder massager machines are great devices to relieve neck and shoulder pain.  Some of the better machines mimic the human touch and work like a real shiatsu massage.  I hope you found these reviews helpful.  If you are also interested in heat therapy then you may also be interested in trying electric heating pads to relieve neck and shoulder pain.




14 thoughts on “The Best Neck And Shoulder Massagers Reviews On Devices And Machines

  1. Wil

    My neck and back are always in sore after working out. There was one time I was exercising too strenuously and herniated a disc in my lower back. The doctors said that I was very close to requiring surgery. Thank God that didn’t happen. When I am home I often need massages for my back because of the pain. I could have definitely used one of these massage devices you are reviewing. I will make sure to look into them in the future. As I like to exercise a lot, have you any other recommendations to help my herniated disc?

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi there, thank you for your comment.
      Herniated discs are a real nuisance to endure and can put a stop to any form of exercise. Rest is the best thing you can do to help it heal as you don’t want to make the condition worse. When you ever injure yourself during training, make sure that you put cold ice packs on the injured area to reduce swelling and inflammation. After around 48 hours, it is best to apply heat therapy to the area to improve circulation and promote healing.
      In regards to your herniated disc, I am a big fan of stretching devices for the spine, especially inversion tables. Inversion tables are wonderful devices created to help decompress the spine. Spinal decompression will be your best bet at reducing herniated disc pain and repairing your bad back. Also, another spinal decompression device worth checking out are gravity boots. Since you are young and active, you should be capable of hanging upside down and stretching your spine.
      I hope this helps
      All the best

  2. 4leaders

    I am a long-time sufferer of neck and back pain. I am doing everything I can to relieve the pain daily so when I came across your website, I was very interested.

    I agree that it begins with your posture and pillow/ mattress but my pain stems from arthritis.

    I seek massage therapy regularly which is expensive but I have a hard time finding good massagers that don’t require you to sit in a chair.

    I think I could really benefit from Trumedic Instashiatsu neck and back massager. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a cordless massager. That would make it more versatile so I could use it on-the-go.

    Do you know how long it would take to fully charge?

    Best Regards-

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi Melissa, thanks you very much for your comment.
      I am happy you discovered (on my site) the many different massage devices available. Arthritis is a tricky one to solve isn’t it. I do understand that massage chairs are not for everybody, but you definitely can find some great handheld body massage devices. The Trumedic Instashiatsu neck and back massager is a very popular choice on Amazon. From what I have researched, when the device is fully empty you can charge the device for around two hours to fully recharge it.
      In regards to your arthritis, I have been researching the benefits of infrared heat therapy for finding deeper penetration to injured areas. It may be worth checking out the link above to see the benefits of infrared and pain relief.
      Take care

  3. Deon Marais

    Hi this is good, but you are extremely rational, and so for the rational readers with neck and back pain you will be very good, but for the more feeling readers with bad backs, you will be extremely bad. So you never described the feeling of the vibrations penetrating deep into the muscles, giving you a feeling of relaxation, that headache is gone, as a result of your neck feeling so much more relaxed…. This can easily be incorporated, So currently the feeling orientated people, will buy your products somewhere, where they are pulled into there emotions. There is a book you can read that will help you a lot. It is called “The law of connection” by Michael Losier. I hope this helps. If you do this it should push your sales right up as the rest is very good.

    1. Robert Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment and helpful advice. At first I did not understand what you meant but now I fully understand. I am a logical thinker when it comes to relieving neck and back pain and it comes across in the way I write my article and review my products. You mean that not every reader will think like me and some like to read how a product will make them feel. For example, how the massage device relaxes tense muscles giving you the feeling of lightness throughout your neck and shoulder muscles.
      I guess I need to work on that way of writing. I will check out that book 🙂
      Thanks again for your advice.
      Take care

  4. renan

    Hi Robert,
    As a result of a sudden movement, I suffer from a pain in the neck and back from a long time ago. To alleviate this pain at the beginning I was applying common frost pillows for these cases but my nephew who is physical therapist advised me to combine with hot pillows.
    Before buying I would ask you a question is that if this machine also serves to relieve back pain?

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi Renan, thank you for leaving a comment.

      Unfortunately a twinge in the neck and back can happen at any time and even more unfortunate is that it can develop into a chronic neck and back condition.
      From my experience, cold is great for reducing inflammation and bruising in the early hours of an injury. However, heat is better after the first 48 hours or so after the injury. Now, since you said that you have the back pain for awhile I am sure that heat would benefit you more. For example, a heat pad will heat up the injury, increase the blood flow to the bad back and also provide more oxygen and nutrients to help it heal.
      The massage devices in this article appear to be designed for the neck and shoulder area however there are a couple of handheld massage devices in the link that can be used on the neck, shoulders and sore backs.
      I hope this advice can help you finally relieve that back pain as I know it can be a nuisance.
      Take care

  5. Cynthia

    I find this to be a great review of back and neck massage machines.
    I don’t have a problem in that area at all. I do upper body pilates and maybe that is why, I’m not sure. However, I have a friend that would love to read your review as she suffers daily with cervical area neck pain. Have you any advice to improve her condition?
    I will share your article with her. Thanks!

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi Cynthia, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
      I am sure your pilates is not only helping your posture but also keeping your upper body both strong and supple. This type of exercise is ideal for preventing tense muscles and reducing the chances of muscle aches and pains.
      You should teach your friend some pilate exercise for her sore neck. Also tell her it will benefit her to look at her posture while sitting and even while sleeping. These seat cushions can help with her posture while sitting and these orthopedic pillows for neck and shoulder pain may be of benefit to her when she is sleeping.
      Of course I would be very grateful if you share my site with your friend.
      Take care

  6. Chris


    Great information here on neck and shoulder massages.

    These products look like they might go a long way to help relieve all types of muscle soreness. A stiff neck is a common problem as a lot of us have computer related office jobs these days.

    I appreciate your information and will look into purchasing some of these in the near future.


    1. Robert Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Glad I could be of help 🙂

  7. tracy

    I love the look of the truMedic massager. Can you tell me, for lower back, or even kidney pain, can you lie with the massager underneath your body, as opposed to lying on your stomach in the pic?
    I just wondered as maybe the heat would penetrate better and the pressure of it may help the pain?
    I have some salons that may be interested in purchasing these too for use in their treatments.

  8. otorres2628

    Man, I gotta get me one of those massagers with the arm straps. Looks like they give you way more control than traditional massage devices.

    I have the Zyllion pillow massager shown in the photo, and it works great. But I need one I can use outside of my car. Definitely gonna invest in one of these.

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