The Best Lumbar Pillows For Back Pain Relief

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Best Lumbar Pillows For Back Pain ReliefThe Best Lumbar Pillows For Back Pain Relief

The lumbar region is  also known as the lower spine and along with  several muscles of the lower back assisting it, the lower spine performs actions like twisting, rotating, bending over and lifting.

The lumbar region experiences a lot of wear and tear during everyday tasks like lifting heavy objects, especially when lifting with bad posture.  Bad posture is one of the main reasons why the lower back is very susceptible to strains and these back strains are not only a nuisance but also can be very painful. (1.)

It is estimated that 80% of people in the developed world will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.(2.)  When you see that statistic, it is no wonder that this figure is so high because of the workload the lower back has to go through from day to day.

Not only is lifting heavy objects in awkward positions causing these problems but also bad posture and extra weight on the body are making matters worse.

Why lumbar pillows for back pain are a good idea

Let’s face it guys, whether it is through work or laziness, we are all sitting down a lot more these days than ever before.   I believe this is a major player in the modern day prevalence of lower back pain.  Not only are people sitting a lot more, they are also sitting with bad posture.

The lower back region takes a huge amount of weight on top of it just from a person’s upper body.  Now if a person is sitting with bad posture, well this puts the lumbar region in a very difficult position and something has to give.  Sitting with bad posture is the cause of so many aches and pains and is also the cause of making existing pains a lot worse.

I think we can all agree that sitting with bad posture is not helping lower back pain.  This is where a lumbar pillow might help.  Lumbar pillows are half-moon shaped pillows placed between the the chair and the lower back, to relieve lower back pain.  The half-moon shape helps keep the lower back in a reverse C shape which is the correct alignment for the lower spine.(3.)  Using a lumbar pillow to find the correct sitting position may help relieve lower back pain and also speed up its recovery.


The Best Lumbar Pillows For Back Pain Relief


My No.1 Pick Lumbar Pillow to Relieve Lower Back Pain –

Best Lumbar Pillows To Relieve Back PainZiraki 5 in 1 New Memory Foam Lumbar  Support Pillow –

There are a lot of great quality lumbar pillows available online but the Ziraki 5 in 1 got my top pick.  I believe it is just that little bit better than its leading competitors because it has all you would want in a great lumbar pillow.

My favorite part of this pillow is the added cooling gel pad that you can stick to the pillow.  The cooling pad is optional but is great for those hot summer months and when your back feels hot.  The lumbar pillow itself is made of memory foam and the removable cover is made of a plush grey velvet fabric.

I really liked the fact that it also comes with a black mesh removable cover that will allow air to circulate through it during hot weather, keeping the pillow and lower back fresh and dry.

The pillow is suitable for all types of seats, from cars to wheelchairs.  Ziraki also has a guarantee of a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the pillow.  I like these guarantees as it gives me confidence that the company really believes in their product.

As a tool to provide comfort and support to your lower back, I highly recommend my No.1 pick the Ziraki 5 in 1 Memory Foam lumbar Support Pillow.

Pros –

  • Comes with 2 separate covers (velvet & mesh)
  • Adjustable extender strap included
  • Includes a cooling gel pad
  • 100% money back guarantee if not fully satisfied
  • Suitable for a variety of chairs
  • Firm yet comfortable memory foam

Cons –

  • The memory foam will have a slight odor for the first couple of days but will soon disappear.


Ziraki 5 in 1 New Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow



Another Great Lumbar Pillow to Relieve Lower Back Pain –

Lumbar Pillows For Sore BacksLove Home Memory Foam 3D Ventilated Mesh Lumbar Support Cushion –

The Love Home Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion is another one of my recommendations and is a best seller on Amazon.  I am not surprised it is so popular as it is a well designed, great quality product.

I really like the mesh cover that allows air to circulate through the pillow as a common problem with lumbar cushions is the sweaty feeling you get when a pillow is stuck between your back and a chair after a long period of time, especially in hot weather.  The mesh allows air to circulate around the pillow which is great for keeping the pillow and your back fresh.

The lumbar pillow itself is made of memory foam which is both firm and comfortable, ideal for long car journeys or long days at the office. It has a strap extender included for wider seats like a car chair which makes the pillow very versatile.

I believe the quality of this product is excellent and have no hesitation in recommending the Love Home Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow to support the lumbar region and relieve lower back pain.

Pros –

  • Memory foam is sturdy yet comfortable
  • 3D mesh is breathable, preventing sweat accumulation
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Includes strap extender for wider chairs
  • Suitable for car use
  • Best seller on Amazon

Cons –

  • Memory foam will smell for a few days, however, this smell will disappear


Love Home Memory Foam 3D Ventilated Mesh Lumbar Support Cushion



Best Lumbar Pillow To Relieve Back Pain When Driving –

Lumbar Pillows For Back Pain When DrivingLove Home Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Car Neck Pillow Kit –

This lumbar pillow is ergonomically designed for car seats.  I really love the design of this pillow as it looks great in the car seat but also provides very comfortable support.

The special design promotes better blood circulation to your lower body which is great for long distance journeys.

I loved that a free neck pillow was also included to give the ultimate body posture make over.  With the lower back and neck supported and placed in the correct position it makes for comfortable driving and a reduction in slouching.  The pillows are made of high quality memory foam which are firm but snug.

If you spend a lot of time driving or you find that driving aggravates your back pain then I highly recommend the Love Home Memory Foam Car Lumbar & Neck Pillow Kit as a great way to relieve back pain while you drive.

Pros –

  • Patented ergonomic design
  • Comes with free neck pillow
  • Reduces slouching when driving
  • Great for long distance driving journeys
  • Promotes better blood circulation
  • Attractive design

Cons –

  • Initial memory foam odor but will disappear after a few days


Love Home Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Neck Pillow Kit


Lumbar pillows are specially designed pillows to allow the user to sit with the correct posture, reducing back pain and preventing postural problems.  There are plenty of lumbar pillows to choose from that are good value and great quality.

I hope my reviews of the best lumbar pillows for back pain relief helped you find a great quality lumbar pillow to relieve those stubborn back aches and pains.  If you liked this post, you may also be interested in reading another article I wrote on the top 3 moist heating pads to relieve back pain.