Best Zero Gravity Chairs For Back Pain Relief

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Best Zero Gravity Chairs For Back Pain Relief

Best Zero Gravity Chairs For Back Pain ReliefWhen you are suffering from back pain, I am sure you will have noticed that regular chairs offer limited back pain relief.  This is due to the fact that the lumbar region still has to hold up and support the upper body when sitting down.

However, when sitting in a recline position the load is taken off the lower back, relieving pressure and reducing pain.  A zero gravity chair takes this relief to another level.

When sitting on a zero gravity chair, the chair reclines back so much that the knees lift higher than the upper body.  This creates an angle that relaxes the back muscles, just like the fetal position (the fetal position in bed is used by many back pain sufferers to relieve back pain).(1.)

When sitting in a zero gravity chair there is a sense of weightlessness and because the legs are higher than the heart, better blood flow occurs throughout the body.(2.)  This improved blood circulation transports more oxygen and nutrients around the body and also helps repair injuries and quickens recovery.


Top Rated Zero Gravity Chair For Comfort With Padding

Faulkner Malibu Black Padded X-Large Recliner –

Faulkner X Large Zero Gravity Recliner For Bad BacksThe Faulkner range of zero gravity recliners provide an affordable way to get zero gravity therapy for indoors as well as outdoors.  The reason I chose this chair is because of the padding, which is usually lacking in the majority of zero gravity fold up chairs. Padding is not essential, however, for back pain sufferers it can be helpful.

I also like that this chair is made of heavy duty materials because when it comes to zero gravity fold up chairs, I definitely want a sense of safety when lying back.  This chair has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, giving a solid base to sit on.  It is also wider than the average zero gravity chair.

The padding for the chair is 1″ thick which is not overly thick but it is definitely a lot more comfortable than regular fold up recliners.  It also comes with a removable neck pillow, which is a nice neck rest when sitting in a zero gravity position.

The beauty of these chairs are that they are easy to store because they fold up like a beach chair. This means you can bring one on a trip to get back pain relief if needed.  You can also use this chair indoors when needed and then store away when not using it.

These fold up chairs are a great way of getting zero gravity benefits for an affordable price.  To look at further details on this x-large Faulkner zero gravity recliner, follow this link.

Details –

  • Materials : Poly/cotton fabric with nylon mesh for great air circulation
  • Ergonomically contoured back
  • 1″ thick padding
  • Removable headrest
  • Lever lock system
  • Weight capacity : 300 lbs
  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • Fold up frame for easy storage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use


Faulkner Malibu Black Padded X-Large Recliner

Best Porch Patio Zero Gravity Rocking Chair For Back Problems

PartySaving Infinity Zero Gravity Rocking Chair Outdoor Lounge Patio Folding Reclining Chair –

PartySaving Zero Gravity Rocking Chair For Back PainOf course a rocking chair is not necessary for back pain relief, however, I thought it was a really nice feature that will be very relaxing.  A relaxed mind will lead to relaxed muscles, which can only be good for lower back pain.

This chair can be folded up and stored away when not in use or can be brought along with you when travelling as well.

It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and is made with a power coated steel frame.

Unlike the Faulkner recliner above, there is no padding in this chair, however, it does have a removable neck pillow for added neck support.

If you are looking for a zero gravity chair and would like a rocker feature, then the PartySaving Infinity Zero Gravity Rocking Chair is a great option for you.

Details –

  • Weight capacity : 300 lbs
  • Materials : UV-resistant mesh fabric with power coated steel frame
  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation
  • Removable padded headrest
  • Dimension (expanded): 70″ x 26″ x 45″
  • Seat width: 20.5″
  • Folds down to 6″ wide
  • Adjustable reclining locking system


PartySaving Infinity Zero Gravity Rocking Chair Outdoor Lounge Patio Folding Reclining Chair

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair For Back Pain Relief

 Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner with heating therapy –

Zero Gravity Recline Full Body Massage Chair For Bad BacksThere is a big jump up in price between the last two reviews and the Kahuna massage chair.  Massage chairs can be quite expensive so if you are not interested in massage features, just stick to the previous reviews.

The Kahuna massage chair allows the user to have a soothing massage in a zero gravity recline position.  A massage with the legs higher than the head can be a very unusual experience.  The weightlessness and the improved blood circulation takes the massage to another level.

Another great feature is the computer scanning technology.  The chair actually scans the body to custom fit the massage.

The L tracking mechanism massages from the top of the neck to the end of the tailbone.  There is no half way massages with this machine, it is a full spinal massage and is great for coccyx, sciatic and lumbar pain sufferers.

There are several programs to choose from depending on your mood, some relaxing and some invigorating.

Massage chairs can be big bulky machines that take up a lot of space, however, the beauty of the Kahuna massage chair is that it is a wall hugger.  All that is needed is roughly 4″ of space between the back of the chair and the wall and then let the chair take care of the rest.  It will glide back into a recline position without hitting the wall.  A space saving massage chair…awesome!

If you are looking for a zero gravity massage chair, then the Kahuna Massage chair is definitely worth considering.

Click on this link to see more reviews on other massage chairs.

Details –

  • Upgraded as of 07-2016
  • Three levels of zero gravity
  • Double layer shoulder airbags (Many other massage chairs do not have this)
  • FDA registered as Medical Device
  • L-tracking massage mechanism that massages from neck to tailbone
  • Heating, vibration, yoga, stretching programs (great for heat therapy and spinal decompression for back pain relief)
  • Best seller on Amazon
  • Computer body scan technology for very own custom fit massage
  • Air massage technology
  • Dual foot rollers on the feet area
  • Wall hugger – only needs 4″ of space between chair and wall to allow full zero gravity recline
  • Weight capacity – 220lbs
  • 3 year limited warranty


Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner with heating therapy

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  1. Vivi

    Thank you for this post on zero gravity chairs. I had never heard of the concept of zero gravity chairs before. The chairs look like those ordinary outdoor folding chairs to me! Before reading your post, I never knew that chairs like this could help relieve back pain.

    My mother has suffered from back pain for many years. Her Doctor says that it is because of lumbar muscle strain. She felt better every time she received a massage from her physiotherapist. So I think this is another option to help her reduce the pain. Thanks a lot!

    1. Robert Post author

      You are welcome, Vivi. I am happy I introduced you to the benefits of zero gravity chairs 🙂
      I have to admit that they do look a lot like the folding beach chairs you are talking about, however they open slightly differently. Due to their ability to allow the body to almost float, they take a lot of pressure off the spine. I believe they would certainly benefit your mother indeed.

      Since your mother has received great benefit from massage to her lumbar region, she may also find massage chairs beneficial. Many of the massage chairs available these days provide great relief to those suffering from back pain. I hope your mother finds some relief from her bad back. All the best!

  2. Jessica Hirschenhofer

    Thanks for this article! My husband and I both suffer from terrible back pain due to injuries and constant strain. Our son is disabled as well and as he gets bigger his pain becomes worse. I am most definitely going to be doing more research into the chairs for us and for him. I really appreciate how informative this article is and that you included multiple options for review.

    1. Robert Post author

      My pleasure, Jessica. I am glad you found the article helpful. I am a firm believer in taking pressure off of the spine to relieve back pain and zero gravity chairs are certainly something to look into to achieve this. Best of luck to you and your family.

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