Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain Relief With Reviews

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Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain Relief With Reviews

Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain Relief With ReviewsEverybody knows that a good massage not only relaxes muscles and eases pain but also makes you feel damn good.   The problem is that massage therapy can be quite expensive, especially if you are getting them on a regular basis.  Some of the benefits of having your very own massage chair is that it will it save you money over time and also it is just so convenient.   A good quality massage chair gives you the opportunity of having a soothing massage in the comfort of your own living room, whenever you want.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

  • One of the main benefits of massage therapy is increased circulation throughout the body.   When you are sitting in a massage chair, the chair is kneading the tense muscles of your body.  These tense muscles store toxins and prevent blood from effectively flowing through the area.  Massage relieves the tension and promotes better blood circulation.  This improved blood circulation allows nutrients and oxygen to enter areas of pain, which not only relieves the pain but also promotes quicker recovery from injuries.
  • Massage therapy also loosens muscles.  by kneading and loosening tense muscles, massage therapy will improve flexibility.  Being more flexible will soften muscles and once again allow better blood circulation and reduce pain.  Overall, flexibility will certainly improve a person’s quality of life.
  • Massages feel damn good.  Massage therapy releases endorphins throughout the body.  Endorphins are the feel good chemicals that will not only improve your mood but will also, relax your muscles and ease tension.(1.)


My #1 Top Rated Massage Chair For Bad Backs

Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with heating therapy –

Zero Gravity Recline Full Body Massage Chair For Bad BacksThe Kahuna Chair gets my number 1 vote for performance, quality and value.  With a wide range of massage chairs available ranging from $600 to $9000, there will obviously be a difference in what a massage chair offers.  However, the Kahuna massage chair offers a big bang for your buck.

One of the first features I really like about this massage chair is the 3 levels of zero gravity.  This chair pivots back allowing your legs to be raised above your upper body.  Why will this benefit you? It raises your legs above your heart, which is great for blood circulation and is very relaxing.  Can you imagine getting a massage with your legs raised higher than your head?  That will be so relaxing and the better blood circulation relieves stress and tension, allowing for a deeper massage experience.

The computer body scan technology automatically scans the size of the body which results in a custom fit massage.  The airbag technology provides a stretching massage to several areas of the body.  Add the heating and vibrating feature to sooth, relax and ease tension and you can see why this massage chair can really compete with the more expensive ones on the market.

One of the main features of this chair is the L-Track mechanism that massages from the neck all the way down to your tailbone.  Many other massage chairs stop massaging at the lower back area, where as the Kahuna massage chair continues all the way down to the butt area, which is great for sciatica, coccyx and lumbar pain relief.

There are also several programs to choose from, from yoga to deep tissue and from stretching to rejuvenate.  Depending on how you feel that day or what you feel your body needs at that moment, you can choose one of 6 programs to either relax or rejuvenate your body.  The Kahuna would not only be great to set you up for a long day ahead but it can also help you wind down after a stressful day.

Another great feature I am impressed with is that it is a wall saver.  It reclines all the way back at zero gravity, however, it pivots more than leans back, meaning it can be placed 4″ from a wall without hitting the wall in a full recline position.

If you are looking for a great massage chair with all the best technology but for a fraction of the price of the expensive chairs, then I highly recommend the Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 to you.

Details –

  • Upgraded as of 07-2016
  • Three levels of zero gravity
  • Double layer shoulder airbags (Many other massage chairs do not have this)
  • FDA registered as Medical Device
  • L-track  full back massage feature
  • Heating, vibration, yoga, stretching features (great for spinal decompression and heat therapy for back pain relief)
  • Best seller on Amazon
  • Computer body scan technology for custom body fit
  • Air massage technology
  • Dual foot rollers on the feet area
  • Wall saver – only needs 4″ of space from wall to allow full zero gravity recline
  • Weight limit – 220lbs
  • 3 year limited warranty



Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with heating therapy

Best Value Massage Chair To Relieve Lower Back Pain

iDeal Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built in Heat True Zero Gravity Positioning with Deep Tissue Massage –

Best Value Massage Chair To Relieve Lower Back PainThe iDeal luxury massage chair is cheaper than the Kahuna massage chair in the previous review, however, it still competes with performance and quality.

The iDeal luxury massage chair has 4 options : Rolling, Kneading, Shiatsu and Vibrating.

  • Rolling massage is like revolving fingers moving up and down your back.
  • Kneading massage is great for releasing muscle knots and relieving tension and pain
  • Shiatsu massage uses power rollers to release tension and invigorate
  • Vibrating massage stimulates the body and improves blood circulation

Another feature that will improve blood circulation and relax muscle tension is the heat therapy option.  Unfortunately this option is only available for the back area but if you are suffering from back pain, then this feature is a great bonus for heating up the muscles while the massage chair does its work.

The massage chair also has 3 zero gravity levels to allow you to recline with your legs higher than your heart, which is great for blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

Unlike the Kahuna massage chair, the iDeal massage chair is not a wall saver.  If you purchase this chair you will need that added bit of space to store it because when in recline position it needs a lot more space behind it.

The iDeal Luxury Massage Chair is a great value, very comfortable and great quality massage chair.

Details –

  • 4 auto program options – Shiatsu, Rolling, Kneading & Vibrating
  • 3 levels of zero gravity
  • On/Off Heat therapy option
  • S-Track rolling system
  • Full control in manual mode for intensity and speed
  • Airbags for shoulders, arms, seat, hips, foot and calves with two intensity levels
  • Foot rollers
  • Not a wall saver (need space behind chair for recline)
  • Weight limit – 300lbs
  • 3 year limited warranty


iDeal Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built in Heat True Zero Gravity Positioning with Deep Tissue Massage

Best Budget Bargain Massage Chair For Back Ache Relief

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/ Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C –

Best Budget Value Massage Chair For Sore Back ReliefWhen searching for a quality massage chair to relieve back pain and sooth aching muscles, it may seem like all the best ones are several thousand dollars.  A lot of the time you do get what you pay for and the expensive massage chairs do offer many great features, however, you can also get some great quality massage chairs for a more affordable price.

The BestMassage EC o6C has four massage options.  The Rolling massage which moves up and down like a revolving finger, to give a deep massage.  The Kneading massage relieves pain and works on muscle tension and knots.  The Shiatsu Massage gives a rejuvenating experience and finally Percussion massage which is great for improving flexibility and mobility.

The BestMassage chair has a full range of massage from the neck to the tailbone and even has a special neck massage feature targeting stress relieving pressure points of the neck.  The chair automatically contours to the body and has 30 air bags which squeeze and massage the body, improving blood circulation.  The massage chair not only has a heat function to relax muscles but also has a vibration option in the seat, which promotes blood flow and invigorates the buttocks and thigh area.

The intensity of the massage can be adjusted on the control panel, with multiple levels from strong to weak.  This chair does recline but is not a zero gravity chair.  You will not be able to raise your legs above heart level like the previous two reviews.  It is also not a wall saver, therefore, you will need to have some space behind it from the wall when in a recline position.

Although this chair is pretty good for the price, a person would have to spend quite a lot on postage, which increases the total price.

However, for the price the BestMassage massage chair is a good value, decent quality massage chair, well worth considering.

Details –

  • 4 massage options – Shiatsu, Rolling, Kneading & Percussion
  • Full range of back massage from neck to tailbone
  • 3o airbags
  • Heat therapy option
  • Vibrating seat option
  • Automatically contours to the body
  • Multiple levels of intensity can be adjusted on control panel
  • Has recline option but has not zero gravity
  • Is not a wall saver, therefore, needs distance from back of chair to wall
  • Expensive shipping costs
  • Weight limit – 250lbs
  • 1 year limited warranty


Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/ Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C

Alternative Massaging Cushion for Chair

Homedics QRM-400H Therapist Select Quad-Roller Shiatsu & Rolling Massaging Cushion with Heat –

Cheap Value Bargain Massage Chair Alternative For Back Ache ReliefA massage chair is too pricey?  I can understand this because a massage chair, although fantastic, can be quite a financial investment.  Therefore, I thought I would review an alternative option to a massage chair.  If you don’t want to buy a massage chair at this moment, then how about adding a massage attachment to your current chair.

This Homedics massage cushion can give you a shiatsu or rolling massage with heat therapy on the comfort of your very own chair.  So lets have a look at what this cushion can do?

A nice feature is the custom command track that adjusts the width of the massage to custom fit your body.  It also has 4 rollers (2 on each side) that travel up and down your back providing heat and massage.  There are 2 different styles of massage : The Shiatsu which gives a circular deep kneading massage and the Rolling massage which is more of a gentle up and down motion.

There are 6 programs to choose from (3 for Shiatsu and 3 for Rolling) : Full Back, Upper Back or Lower Back.

Another nice feature I like is the Spot Shiatsu option that allows you to stop at any area to have a deep massage in that area.  This area can get special attention with a deep shiatsu massage to loosen a muscle knot, reduce muscle tension or relieve specific muscle pain.

If you are looking for a nice massage without having to purchase a big massage chair, then the Homedics QRM – 400H is a good option for you.

Details –

  • Custom command track adjusts the massage width to custom fit your body
  • 6 programs
  • Full Back, Upper Back or Lower Back massage options
  • Provides a Shiatsu or Rolling massage
  • Stop Shiatsu option for deep kneading massage in a specific area of your choice
  • 4 rollers (2 rollers on each arm) travel up and down the back with heat
  • An Amazon customer review said that a Homedics representative stated that this massage cushion should only be used on an office chair
  • 2 year warranty


Homedics QRM-400H Therapist Select Quad-Roller Shiatsu & Rolling Massaging Cushion with Heat

If you would like to look at more targeted massage devices, then this article on shoulder massage devices may be of interest to you.  Also I have another article on the best handheld massage devices to relieve neck and back pain.