Best Lumbar Support For Back Pain Pillows And Belts

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Best Lumbar Support For Back Pain Pillows And Belts

Best Lumbar Support For Back Pain Pillows And BeltsThe lumbar area endures quite a lot of strenuous activity during an average day.  We use the lower back area for twisting, rotating, bending over and picking things up.   Now most of the time our faithful lumbar region can take this workload, however, every now and again we might feel a little pinch in the area.(1.)

If we are lucky, the following day this pain will be gone and forgotten about.  However, if we are unlucky we might have injured our back and caused a little damage.  As these injuries can affect everyday life and everyday life activities can also aggravate and worsen the injury, the lumbar area might just need a little support.

A little rest and using some supportive tools like cushions and belts can go a long way to relieving pain and accelerating recovery.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, then you are not alone as it is estimated that 80% of the population will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives.(2.)

Have a look at the lumbar support devices below and choose which one is the most suitable for you. Lower back pain can be a real nuisance, however, using one or more of these tools can go a long way to allowing you to live a normal life again and being able to do regular everyday activities pain free.


My #1 Pick Lumbar Pillow For Lower Back Support

Ziraki 5 in 1 New Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow –

Ziraki Lumbar Support Pillow For Back PainThere are many lumbar pillows on the market and many will give you enough support for your lumbar area.  It was difficult to choose which one is the best, however, I believe the Ziraki 5 in 1 stands out for value and quality.

The Ziraki 5 in 1 does offer a lot for your dollars and it is satisfaction guaranteed by the company or your money back.  So what does this lumbar support pillow offer that is better than the rest.

Well,  first of all the feature I really like about this pillow is the cooling gel pad.  Inside the cover is a gel pad that will keep you and the cushion cool for hours at a time.  This feature is especially useful for hot summer days, however, it is also great for cooling down hot inflammation, especially if you have recently injured your lower back.

Also, the purpose of a lumbar pillow is to provide added support to the lower back while sitting.  The Ziraki  5 in 1 is shaped to not only provide support but also is designed to help you maintain the correct reverse C lower back posture.  This is great because it is important to use the correct lumbar muscles to help support the spine.

The pillow is a versatile cushion that can be used in various chairs and seats from an office chair to a car seat.  It also has a handy carrying handle for you to bring it with you when you are moving around.

The Ziraki can be attached to your favorite chairs by using the strong and secure adjustable extender strap.   A final feature that adds a nice touch, is the two cover choices that come with the pillow.  One is an airy black mesh cover to allow extra air to circulate through the pillow and the second cover is a comfortable grey velvet fabric.

If you are looking for a comfortable, breathable and cooling lumbar pillow that provides added support and helps you sit with better posture, then look no further than the Ziraki 5 in 1 New Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow.  

Details –

  • Two covers come with the pillow : Black mesh & Grey velvet
  • Cooling gel pad to keep your back and the pillow fresh and cool all day
  • Carrying handle for easy transporting
  • Strong adjustable extender strap for use on various chairs
  • Shaped for comfort, support and helps maintain the correct sitting posture
  • Free bonus carrying case
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back


Ziraki 5 in 1 New Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

Best Back Brace For Lumbar Support For Lower Back Pain Relief

Aspen Medical Grade Back Brace – Quikdraw PRO –

Aspen Back Brace For Lumbar Support Back PainThe Aspen Quickdraw Pro may be a little more expensive than its competitors, however, it is the only back brace backed up by published clinical studies.

How does this back brace compare to other leading brands. Well the feature that jumps out at me is the ability to adjust and tighten the brace at the upper and lower areas of the belt. Now we all come in different shapes and sizes so a one size fits all back brace may provide support, however it won’t provide optimal support.  The Aspen Quikdraw Pro allows you to tighten at the top and bottom independently, providing a precise fit to your waist.

Another feature I like about this back brace is that it is concealable.  It is made of light material that makes it easy to wear under clothing.  The material may be light but it still provides medical grade support to your lumbar region.  Also, don’t worry about it feeling uncomfortable under your clothes.  The brace can be worn for hours at a time without irritating your skin.

The brace comes in 7 different sizes and two colors, so there is an Aspen Quikdraw Pro for most sizes and shapes.

If you are looking for a proven back brace that is concealable and comfortable on the skin, then I recommend the Aspen Medical Grade Back Brace Quickdraw .

Details –

  • Proven with published clinical studies
  • Upper and lower tightening system for precise fit
  • Concealable under clothing
  • Can be worn for hours at a time and won’t irritate the skin
  • Available in black or white
  • Available in 7 different sizes


Aspen Medical Grade Back Brace – Quikdraw PRO

Bargain Back Brace For Lower Back Support

Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace –

Best Back Brace To Relieve Lower Back PainJust to add that there are many different back braces on the market that will provide lumbar support for affordable prices.  Meuller provides one of these bargain back braces and is one of the top sellers with over 3000 customer reviews on Amazon.

If you are looking for a good value, budget back belt for lumbar support during everyday activities, then the Meuller adjustable Lumbar Back Brace is definitely worth trying.

Details –

  • Made in the USA
  • Size fits from 28″ to 50″
  • Made with flexible steel for stability and support
  • Dual support system for added support and confidence
  • Great value
  • Top seller on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews


Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace