Best Lounge Chairs For Bad Backs And Posture

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Top Rated Lounge Chairs For Bad Backs And Posture

Most Comfortable Recliner For Bad BacksThese days more than ever it is very common for a person to spend many hours of the day sitting down.  Whether it is at work or at home or both, people today are sitting down a lot and in many cases this is affecting their backs.

It is very easy to get into poor sitting habits and these bad habits lead to poor posture.  Bad posture when we sit is one of the leading causes of neck and back pain.(1.)  How do we improve our posture?

Well first of all a person needs to make an effort to sit correctly.  Making a conscious effort to sit with good posture will form good sitting habits.  Secondly, sitting on suitable chairs can make sitting with proper posture a lot easier.

Many of the chairs in offices and homes are just not ergonomically built for good posture.  Some are of poor quality but some are just made to look comfortable or pretty but are just not designed to support the back.

If you sit down a lot then invest in some good quality, supportive chairs.  We only have one spine so we should take care of it.  To see some of the best quality ergonomically designed office chairs to prevent and relieve back pain, then follow the link.  However, in this article I will present some indoor and outdoor lounge chairs for bad backs.


Top Rated Indoor Living Room Lounge Chair For Lower Back Pain Relief

Lane Furniture Lucas Recliner, Chocolate

Top Rated Recliner For Back Pain ReliefLane furniture is an American company with a great reputation for making solid, sturdy and comfortable recliners.  For a person suffering from back pain a recliner would be a good option to take the pressure off of your spine.  Now sitting in a recline position is not always possible but every now and again it is a good idea to relieve the weight and pressure on your spine(even if your posture is good).

What I like about this recliner is that it is strong and sturdy.  Yes it is very comfortable but it also needs to be supportive and this chair certainly is supportive.  You don’t want a soft recliner that may be comfortable but allows to much give, making you sink into it like quicksand.  For my back I want support and comfort and so should you.

It is also tall enough for most people at the back to support the neck.  Lane furniture are great at making great quality different size recliners but this one is large enough to meet the size of small to quite tall.

A problem with all sofas and recliners is that it is very difficult to get enough lower back support.  However this problem can be solved by sticking a pillow in the lumbar area or else buying a specially designed lumbar support pillow.

The back seat has a height of around 30″ and should fit most sizes.  If you are looking for a comfortable yet strong and supportive recliner chair to take the pressure off your spine and reduce back pain, then follow this link for the price and other reviews.

Details –

  • Lane furniture has a very good reputation
  • Dimensions : 40″ x 43″ x 43″
  • Extra cushion makes a very comfortable recliner
  • Strong and sturdy build for support
  • Back rest of about 30″
  • Suitable for most sizes
  • Remote control and cup holder
  • Made in the USA
Lane Furniture Lucas Recliner

Best Outdoor Lounge Chair For Back Pain Relief

Outdoor Wicker Adjustable Recliner With Cushion –

Outdoor Lounge Chair For Back Pain ReliefI was searching through some outdoor recliners and comparing this one to others over double the price.  I couldn’t really see any difference in design, quality and customer reviews so I chose to review this better value outdoor recliner lounge chair.

Judging by the design of this chair, I like how it looks supportive at the back and also long enough to support the whole spine from lumbar region to the neck.

It reclines to 3 positions and is great for relaxing by sitting or lying back.  The materials are suitable for all weather with all weather wicker and a durable rust resistant steel frame.  The cushions are made with a fade resistant fabric and have removable, machine washable covers.

Once again a recliner is great for relieving pressure on the spine and also relieving back pain, however, it might be a good idea to have a supportive pillow in the lumbar area.

The dimensions of the lounge chair are 26.7″ Wide x 36.2″ Deep x 38.7″ High and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

If you are looking for an outdoor lounge chair for back pain relief, then I recommend this Outdoor Wicker Adjustable Recliner With Cushions by Cabana Way.

Details –

  • Suitable for all weather
  • Rust resistant steel frame
  • All weather wicker
  • Dimensions : 26.7″ Wide x 36.2″ Deep x 38.7″ High
  • Fade resistant fabric and removable, machine washable cover
  • Weight capacity : 250 lbs
  • 3 reclining positions


Outdoor Wicker Adjustable Recliner With Cushion


Recliners are great chairs that are not only comfortable but can also help take pressure off the spine and relieve back pain as a result.  I also have another article on some more indoor recliners for bad backs , have a look.  Remember that if you sit down a lot during the day then watch your posture and every now and again recline to take pressure off your spine.  This is recommended by a doctor.(2.)

4 thoughts on “Best Lounge Chairs For Bad Backs And Posture

  1. David

    Oh my word, I hadnt even read your article yet and I immediately wanted one of these chair.

    This might be the most comfortable looking chair I have ever seen.

    Your write up on the chair is brilliant.

    I am 6ft 7 and do everynow and then struggle with some lower back pain. Would this chair be suitable for someone so tall?

    1. Robert Post author

      You are tall indeed 🙂 Lane recliners are probably the best manufacturers of different sized recliners in the USA. The ideal recliner for you is the stallion recliner made by Lane. When in full recline, it is the length of a King Size bed! Now that is pretty long and I believe you would find it hard to find a larger recliner than that. Check it my other review on this large recliner suitable for big and tall people. It is bad back friendly also.

  2. lilywong

    I was just wondering about chairs for enhancing postures and glad to have found your article. Recliners are really comfortable, but I was worried it may be as good for the back. So i am glad to read that there are recliners that actually helps with the back. Thanks for sharing all the useful info on different chairs. I am clicking through some of them to learn more!

    1. Robert Post author

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Taking weight off your spine is always a good idea when it comes to back pain. This is the beauty of a recliner. It’s like having a bed in your living room 🙂

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