Best Infrared Heating Pads For Back Pain Relief

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Best Infrared Heating Pads for Back PainBest Infrared Heating Pads For Back Pain Relief

Heat therapy is a great therapeutic way of treating chronic aches and pains in the comfort of your own home.  Heat relaxes muscle tissue and also promotes better blood circulation to the affected area, which nourishes it and relieves pain.

Why infrared therapy

Infrared therapy allows heat to reach the inner tissue better than moist or dry heat.  Moist heat penetrates muscle tissue faster than dry heat, however both forms of heat can only be as hot as the skin can tolerate.(1.)

Some of the better infrared heating pads use the natural stone Jade to conduct the infrared heat because it is one of the best conductors of infrared heat.  When infrared waves pass through jade, heat is conducted by the stone and transmitted evenly to the user’s body.

These infrared rays and heat can promote better blood circulation to the the painful area, relieving pain and quickening recovery.(2.)


The Best Infrared Heating Pads For Back Pain Relief

My No.1 Pick Infrared Heating Pad To Relieve Back Pain –

Best Infrared Heating Pads For Bad BacksCharmed Far Infrared Mini Mat With Amethyst Crystal Radiant Heat Therapy Mat –

This Charmed far infrared heat therapy mat gets my No.1 vote due to the fact it uses amethyst stones to generate its negative ions which penetrate the skin and soothe aches and pains.  This mat uses 6 1/2 lbs of amethyst crystals which transmit heat 6 inches, increasing the temperature of the body from the inside.

Not only does this heating mat ease pain and soothe muscles but the healing effects of the amethyst crystals are also believed to help anxiety sufferers to relax and also reduce feelings of depression.

Some infrared mats are quite expensive and this one is no different, however, I really like the fact that this mat uses amethyst crystals which I believe are more expensive and more effective than jade stones.

There are cheaper infrared heating mats available, however, the manufacturers truly believe in the effectiveness of this product and have a 30 day money back guarantee.  If within 30 days you are not satisfied after using this mat for a few 1 hour sessions or didn’t find it effective then they will refund your money.  I believe that the Charmed Far Infrared heat Therapy Mat is a great option if you would like to try the healing benefits of amethyst crystals for relieving back pain.

Pros –

  • Uses Amethyst crystals
  • High quality materials
  • Very deep heat penetration
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty

Cons –

  • A little expensive


Charmed Far Infrared Mini Mat With Amethyst Crystal Radiant Heat Therapy Mat



The Best Value Infrared Heating Mat for Bad Backs –

 Infrared Heat Therapy Mat For Bad BacksUTK Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat, Medium –

I chose the UTK Infrared Heat Therapy Mat as one of my recommendations because of its price and quality compared to other leading brands.

This strong and sturdy mat is 31 inches x 21 inches in size and 1/2 inch thick.  Using 126 natural jade stones, this infrared heating pad releases infrared rays and negative ions into the muscle tissue, deeper than regular moist and dry heating pads.  Infrared rays and negative ions create a biochemical reaction inside the tissue, which relieves pain, improves blood circulation and relaxes muscle tissue.

There are many infrared therapy mats available at the moment with widely different prices.  Judging by the price of this heating pad and customer satisfaction reviews, I believe that this product is one of the best on the market.  It is very similar looking to more well known brands but is a lot cheaper.

I believe that UTK provide great customer service, maybe because they are competing with bigger brands and want to pull out all the stops.

As an effective and cheaper version of the big brand Jade stone infrared heating pad, I believe the UTK Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat is a good option.

Pros –

  • Decent price for jade heating mats
  • Uses 126 natural jade stones
  • Strong and sturdy
  • 1 year warranty
  • Similar looking to leading brands

Cons –

  • Shipped from HongKong, however, I believe they use DHL for quick delivery (according to one customer review, it arrived in 4 days)


UTK Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat, Medium



The Best Portable Infrared Heating Mat –

Infrared Back Pain Heating PadBriteLeaf Far Infrared Therapeutic Rechargeable Cordless Pain Relief Heating Pad –

Would you like the benefits of infrared heat while you walk around, for hours at a time?  Well this is why I chose the BriteLeaf heating pad as one of my recommendations.  I really like the fact that you can heat up the pad for a few minutes and then get constant infrared heat for hours afterwards.

The heating pad can be used for all body parts, however it is ideal for relieving back pain as it has a Velcro strap for easy fitting around the waist area.  Depending on how hot you heat the pad up, it can distribute heat to your targeted area for up to 4 hours at a time.

The Velcro strap can stretch to 70 inches making it suitable for the majority of waist sizes.  The pad has  two temperature settings of high and low.  My favorite part of this heating pad is its portability, as with many heating pads you must sit or lie down to use them, however, with this one you can walk around and still gain the benefits of therapeutic infrared heat.

If you would like an affordable, portable infrared heating pad then the BriteLife infrared heating pad may be the best option for you.

Pros –

  • Good price
  • Portable
  • Good size strap and uses velcro for easy attachment
  • Quick heat up
  • Heat lasts for long time

Cons –

  • One customer said the strap was 48″ in length, not the 70″ as advertised


BriteLeaf Far Infrared Therapeutic Rechargeable Cordless Pain Relief Heating Pad




Infrared heating pads for back pain are great tools to transmit heat to painful areas, deeper than regular heating pads.  This heat promotes blood circulation, relieving pain and quickening injury recovery.  If you found this article interesting, you may also find another article on ‘electric heating pads for neck and shoulders for instant relief’ worth reading also.