Best Car Seat Cushions For Back Pain Relief

Best Car Seat Cushions For Back Pain ReliefBest Car Seat Cushions For Back Pain Relief

When suffering from back pain, driving a car can be a really painful experience.  It helps you get from A to B, however, sitting for long periods in the driver’s seat can wreak havoc on your back.  Let’s face it, car seats were not designed for proper spinal alignment and therefore, will not help your back if you are suffering from lower back pain.

How can car seat cushions help

Depending on what type of ailment you have, there are different types of car seat cushions to help your back pain.  There are basic car seat cushions that perk you up, forcing you to sit more forward, and as a result places your spine in the correct alignment.  This type of car seat cushion can help relieve lower back pain symptoms.

There are also car seat cushions with a part cut out to relieve pressure to the coccyx.  This type of pillow is great for those suffering from painful tailbone injuries.  Finally, car seat support sets can promote proper posture when driving as they support the lower back and neck, placing the spine in its natural state.  These support sets are great for lower back and neck pain.


The Best Car Seat Cushions For Back Pain Relief –

My No.1 Pick Car Seat Cushion To Relieve Lower Back Pain –

Car Seat Cushions For Tailbone Pain ReliefI-PURE ITEMS Coccyx Orthopedic Comfortable Memory Foam Chair and Car Seat Cushion for Lower Back, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief –

The I-Pure Items Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion gets my recommended vote because I really like the design of this car seat cushion.  It has an anti slip bottom which is essential to stopping it sliding up and down the car seat.

I really like the fact that this cushion is made of 100% memory foam because I am a big fan of the comfort of memory foam.  The seat cushion is portable and can be used in any seat but works great for car journeys as it not only props you up for better body posture but it is also specially designed to relieve pressure on your tailbone.

As I have a damaged tailbone myself, I definitely can understand that sitting on hard surfaces for too long can aggravate the coccyx area, which means a lot of squirming around to relieve contact with the chair.  This car seat cushion allows you to sit in a comfortable position without any worry of your coccyx pressing against the seat surface.

The seat cushion is quite bulky and is solid and sturdy yet also very comfortable.  Another reason I really like this product is the mesh cover which provides not only breath-ability to the memory foam, keeping it fresh and dry, but it also provides ventilation to your body, preventing sweating.

With the benefits of proper seating posture, pain free tailbone and better blood circulation due to proper seating, I highly recommend the I-Pure Item Orthopedic Comfortable Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion for comfort and to relieve lower back, tailbone and sciatica pain.

Pros –

  • Orthopedic design for tailbone pain relief
  • Promotes proper sitting posture which eases lower back pain
  • 100 % memory foam cushion
  • Mesh cover for ventilation (preventing sweating and keeping foam fresh)
  • Anti skid cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • Money back guarantee

Cons –

  • A couple of reviewers complained that the cushion flattened too easily. Whether this is because they were very heavy I don’t know.  However the majority of customer reviews were very pleased with this car seat cushion.


I-PURE ITEMS TM Coccyx Orthopedic Comfortable Memory Foam Chair and Car Seat Cushion


Best Driver’s Wedge Cushion For Back And Coccyx Relief –

Car Seat Cushion Drivers Wedge For Back PainClever Yellow Driver’s Wedge with Coccyx Support for Back, Hip & Leg Pain –

Although not exactly a car seat cushion I chose the Clever Yellow Driver’s Wedge as one of my recommendations because I believe it has all the benefits of a car seat cushion yet only half the size.

I think this wedge pillow would be great for taller drivers as it won’t prop the person up as much as a bulky seat cushion.  This wedge pillow is only 2.5″ at its thickest point so should not cause really tall drivers to hit their head on the roof of the car.  It may be a lot thinner than other seat cushions, however, it is very firm and won’t lose its shape.

It also has a thin layer of memory foam to add some comfort over the firm inner foam (the same foam used in Rolls Royce seats).  This is no ordinary wedge pillow as it has a cutout in the rear of the cushion to relieve pressure on the coccyx.  I also like the fact that it has a machine washable mesh cover to add ventilation to the foam and also prevents sweating.

I recommend the Clever Yellow Driver’s Wedge for taller drivers and drivers that want a slimmer cushion that still relieves tailbone and lower back pain.

Pros –

  • Slim yet comfortable
  • Cutout for coccyx pressure relief
  • Machine washable mesh cover for ventilation
  • Buckle to stop it sliding
  • Great for tall drivers with coccyx or lower back pain
  • Uses same technology used by Rolls Royce in their car seats

Cons –

  • May be too thin for shorter drivers


Clever Yellow Driver's Wedge with Coccyx Support for Back, Hip & Leg Pain



Best Lumbar Support Set To Relieve Lower Back And Neck Pain –

Car Seat Cushion To Relieve PainLove Home Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Car Neck Pillow Kit –

I like to give a variety of reviews in these articles as many times products are pretty similar to each other and it is difficult to compare one to the other.  This is the reason why I am reviewing this product as I believe it will be a great addition to your car seat and great for placing your spine in the proper alignment and relieving neck and back pain.

I really love the design of this set as not only does it look great in the car seat but it also provides great lumbar support that forces you to sit with the correct posture.  Add to this the free memory foam neck cushion to provide comfort and support for your neck.

When you first buy this support cushion it may feel awkward to use as it really pushes the driver forward, however once the driver gets used to it, they will really feel the difference as they will experience what proper alignment of the spine should be.  These changes to body alignment will relieve back and neck pain and make driving a more comfortable experience.

If you would like to improve your body alignment and posture when driving and subsequently relieving neck and back pain, then I recommend the Love Home Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Car Neck Pillow Kit.

Pros –

  • Looks great
  • Great lumbar support
  • Free neck pillow
  • Great for proper body alignment and erect posture
  • Memory foam is firm but comfortable

Cons –

  • Great for lumbar support but not designed for coccyx pain relief


Love Home Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Car Neck Pillow Kit


Car seat cushions are great tools to help improve a driver’s posture and also relieve back pain in the process.  If you found this article interesting you may also be interested in some therapeutic back pain relief by using infrared heating pads to relieve back pain.


15 thoughts on “Best Car Seat Cushions For Back Pain Relief

  1. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Interesting product you have shared in your article today, your car seat cushions are unique in appearance to the ones I have seen in the past.

    These do appear to be very high- quality products, also I like how they appear they would fit well with our body .

    I suffer from Sciatic back nerve pain, is there any evidence any of these products would help someone with this problem?

    This is a common problem today for many people if these products help’s this problem many people would benefit and purchase these products I am sure.

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi there, thank you for your comment.

      Sciatic nerve pain is a very common problem affecting many people. It is essentially a pinched nerve in the lower back area that can shoot pain all the way down your leg. Sitting down can often be when you feel this pain the most. To answer your question on whether a car seat cushion will help alleviate this pain, well it should help. How car seat cushions and other seat cushions can help all lower back pain is that they help position your spine in the correct position. By having the spine in the correct alignment, it reduces the chances of pinched nerve irritation. If your are sitting (or standing) with poor posture, then not only will you aggravate the pinched nerve but you will also make the condition worse. Some of these car seat cushions can also provide added lower back support when driving.

      You may also think about using heat therapy and cold therapy as a way to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Also, keep active, exercise and stretch your back muscles to keep them loose and supple. The last think you want is to become stiff in this area.
      I hope this helps a little. Please don’t hesitate in asking any further questions if you need help.

  2. Alex

    Hi Robert,
    Thank you for such an interesting post!
    I didn’t know this kind of car seat cushions to relief back pain! It may be the solution for people who suffer from pains. My dad is always complaining about back pain when driving, maybe this is the solution for him.
    But I have a question, when using the seat does the driver lose any security?

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi Alex, thank you so much for your comment.
      A car seat cushion will help your father sit with the correct body alignment while driving. The chances are he is sitting with bad posture when driving and that is why he complains a lot about back pain when in the car. Does he complain about back pain when he is sitting at home? If he does then a lumbar pillow may be of help to him also.
      To answer your question about safety while driving with a car seat cushion, yes it is very safe to drive with a car seat cushion. The cushion is secured to the seat so it won’t move around a lot. It will also not push him forward too much. It will make him sit more upright if anything. If your father has a bad back make sure that his muscles remain supple through stretching and exercise. Also, improving his posture will help a lot.
      I hope this helps
      Take care

  3. Travis Smithers

    I find for regular driving the car seats are not that bad, but whenever I need to drive for prolonged periods to go on vacation for example, then the car seat does become uncomfortable.

    Now I’ve tried the memory foam on a bed mattress which works great, so I would think having a seat cushion with the same concept for a car seat should do the same. Have you tried the memory foam types and do they allow for better comfort for longer driving periods from your experience?

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi Travis, thank you for leaving a comment.

      I am a big fan of memory foam mattresses, pillows, everything 🙂 I think that memory foam adds comfort to them all. I also believe that when it comes to relieving neck and back pain, memory foam is ideal for contouring the head and body. For example, gel infused memory foam seat cushions are great for people suffering from tailbone coccyx pain, especially when they have to sit down for long periods of time. To answer your question, yes, I would definitely recommend a memory foam seat cushion when driving for long periods of time.
      Hope this helps

  4. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    This looks like a very interesting and helpful product for people who suffer a lot of back pain and I guess do also do a lot of driving. I drive very little but tend to sit a lot in the office which begs my question, is there something similar for a standard office chair? Or would these devices work in an executive style office chair?

    Thank you kindly in advance.

    1. Robert Post author

      Hi there Derek, thank you for leaving a comment.
      I have another article reviewing regular seat cushions that may interest you. Seat cushions themselves can be used in any style of chair. They are designed to contour the buttocks and lower back, therefore, it makes little difference what type of chair you use.
      I also recommend you look at this article on lumbar support for back issues. There are a couple of nice products in that article that will provide good support for those suffering with back problems.
      As you sit for long hours in an office chair, please have a look at this article on the best office chairs for back pain. It will show you some office chairs that are ergonomically designed to promote better sitting posture and reduce lower back pain.
      Hope that helped.
      Take care

  5. Kevin

    I have never seen seat cushions like these before for back pain. When I first had lower back pain years ago, my chiropractor suggested the ones that fit on the side and bottom of the seat, and on the side would be a cushion that you can adjust. It looks like these cushions have come a long way. Thanks for this article.

    1. Admin

      Thank you for your comment, Kevin. Certainly, cushions for back pain have come a long way over the years. There is a variety of different cushions for a variety of different back problems. I think the most important factors to consider when making a car seat cushion for back pain is posture and comfort. It is important to maintain the correct body alignment when in a seated position to relieve as much pressure from the spine as possible. It is also very important that the cushion provides enough comfort to relieve pressure point pain on arthritic, sciatic and pinched nerves etc. Thankfully, there are a variety of seat cushions available that are designed to help people drive and sit comfortably with these painful back conditions.

      Take care


  6. Fairweather Green

    Good looking products here that would go someway to help my back issues when driving long haul.

    The I-Pure Items Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion seems to be the most ideal solution for me here.

    I wonder if they are easy to fit to the seat. Are they required to be fitted in a similar way to a kids car chair?

    1. Robert Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. These car seat cushions are ideal for driving long haul and really help people suffering from back pain due to poor driving posture. The I-Pure Items Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion is not only great for driving but can also be easily transferred to other types of chairs and seats in your home.

      The car seat cushions are either strapped around the car seat or for example the I-Pure car seat cushion is just placed on the seat. It is made of non-slip material for security so it will not budge. Therefore, don’t worry about it slipping and sliding as it is very safe.

  7. jeffrey16201

    Very nice products for the car to help relive back pain while driving, it seems everyone is doomed to experience back pain some time in their life.

    My back pain is my lower back and tailbone, these cushions might be the answer to my back pain while driving to do my errands and other road trips.

  8. otorres2628

    I tend to slouch forward slightly at the shoulders. Now I have upper back pain and ulnar nerve pain. After talking to my chiropractor, he recommends I correct my posture to alleviate the tension on my shoulder area, especially when sitting. The lumbar cushion and pillow would really help.

    Thanks for the post!

  9. Nikon Nik

    Mamy many thanks for sharing with us the fantastic article. columbus™ offers simplicity of use, with an easy ‘one hand’ harness height adjuster to ensure the correct harness fit as your child grows. The headrest & harness slide together in a single movement up and down the seat, eliminating any need to thread the harness through new slots – easy!

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